The Art of Double Tapping Your iPhone Screen

When you have owned your iPhone for greater than a week, than you likely have mastered all the various applications and features in this phone, however, do you realize there are many tricks that may actually improve your iPhone experience? These tricks are only utilizing what’s recently been built-into the iPhone. Needless to say, exactly why many people hardly understand these tricks is basically because they will have not taken enough time to understand the secrets of these phone.

However, that is very common, since when you’ve got a product just like the iPhone, you can find a lot of blatant features that looking for the hidden ones can seem monotonous and also unnecessary. Yet, if you wish to experience all that you will be iPhone can perform for you personally, than you need to take the time to discover these hidden tricks.

When you yourself have an iPhone, you almost certainly have pointed out that you really do not have to double-tap an individual item. It appears that everything with this interface reacts with a straightforward one-tap motion. However, you can find three main interfaces that respond to double-tapping differently than in the event that you were to only tap the screen once. The initial of the functions may be used if you are making use of your iPhone to view videos.

You likely have noticed that if you are watching a movie on your own iPhone, the screen is showing a letterbox image. That is whenever there are two black lines under and above the picture, this provides you with a wider view. Actually, this is one way the director sees the film, and exactly how it had been originally shot. Yet, there are a few people who cannot stand to possess letterbox on while they’re watching a film.

That’s where the double-tapping feature will come in handy. If you are watching a movie, simply double tap the screen, and you’ll get rid of the letterbox view, and can then have the ability to like a full screen version. However, there are a few downfalls to by using this feature. When the movie you’re watching has any kind of subtitles, than you’ll quickly discover that watching it completely screen mode may cut-off what.

If you wish to undo the entire screen mode, all you need to do is merely double tap the screen and it’ll be restored to letterbox formatting. That is one of the biggest features around the iPhone; however, additionally it is among the lesser discussed. The iPhone is indeed amazing since it offers you choices on what you intend to be entertained. Unlike other devices that work with a standardized solution to showing you videos, you’re given a selection on how you intend to view your movies. This can be a great feature.

The double-tap feature can be applied to other programs during your iPhone. You will discover these features within the Photos, Safaris and Google Maps programs. With many of these applications, the double tap feature basically means you are likely to be zooming into anything you tapped. Say, you wished to get yourself a better view from the picture that’s on the primary page of THE BRAND NEW York Times online edition. You’ll then double tap the picture, also it will be magnified two-times. Precisely what has been magnified on your own screen is performed by two. The double tap feature is ideal for a multitude of uses, and when you were unacquainted with it, grab your iPhone and commence testing it out.

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