When we think of tea and coffee, we always think of bakery items like bakery biscuits which are also called lose biscuits or some baked breads and all sorts of stuff. And whenever a guests come at home, we make sure that we serve them the best kind of bakery items of the town along with tea.

There are many reasons of going to a bakery. Some of us think that bakery items makes you gain a lot of weight but the fact is that there are different bakers who know how to make low fat bakery items as well.

If you are about to become a baker and you want to open a bakery and it will be obvious that you want to become the best ever and bake the best cakes in Sharjah or do the fastest birthday cake delivery in Sharjah and for that you need to read about the best and the most popular and famous bakeries in the world, not only that you will get inspiration but may be you can get an idea of how to make your bakery a good one like in the list below;

  1. The first is in Paris and it is named as Sadaharu Aoki. It was basically originating from Tokyo, Japan and they offer more than cakes. They make different kinds of sweets and even candies. They even make Turkish sweets and delights as well.
  2. The second is Crosstown in London. When it comes to bakeries, then London cannot be left behind and they specialize in making doughnuts and they also serve pistachio chai, white chocolate matcha and apricot lavender doughnuts. This shop is the favorite of every cop there as well.
  3. The next stop is in Turkey and the bakery is named as Hafiz Mustafa. Turkey is known for its food and sweets and coffee and that is why when you visit turkey, you cannot miss to go to this bakery. And it is situated in Istanbul and it has been there since 1864 and they make the best baklava in the world.
  4. Our next stop is New York and the bakery is named as Levain Bakery and they are famous for making the best chip cookies in the world and they serve it with coffee or tea.